Dezigntechnic is a full-service signage & wayfinding design consultancy based in Dubai, UAE with offices in the United Kingdom, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt. Encompassing 21 years of experience, dezigntechnic has facilitated the communication needs of its clients through complex research and analysis to devise high quality and cost effective wayfinding and placemaking solutions for sites and facilities.

Dezigntechnic has extensive expertise in a wide range of signage for public places and build up areas. This includes all forms of pedestrian and vehicular directional signage, building or campus directories, building identification and architectural indicator clues.

Our consultancy reports and submissions consist the concept design including the material specification, fonts and pictograms; then the development of the signage concept to cover the full family of signs needed in a specific project and finally the tender documentation that guides the fabricator to better understand and carefully deliver and with error-free products all the required signs, just by following the shop drawings and fixing details.